Our Products

We are building solutions aimed at solving the challenging problems faced by various businesses in Liberia. All products are locally developed, built and managed in Liberia. We are aiming to put Liberia on the global map as a technology hub in Africa.

MANOFX- #1 Money Exchange Service in Liberia

ManoFX is an online parallel bureau exchange platform that allows users to buy and sell both local currency and foreign exchange with local Traders online from the comfort of their home, office, or smartphone devices.

Monival - A Mobile Financial Lifestyle Solution

Monival is a digital wallet all-in-one lifestyle financial solution that allows Liberians to live freely financially. It was designed to combat the challenges of handling physical cash and to curb the issue of social distancing in the fight on COVID-19.


EASYCOIN - #1 Crypto wallet in Liberia

The goal of EasyCoin is to push the growth of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the country and to be a thought leader in creating alternative payment solutions that can empower business and provide opportunities to the people of Liberia. We strive to make life easy and simple by providing simplicity in the integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in every day transaction.


LIBFUNDME - #1 Crowdfunding platform in Liberia

To make accepting of donations easy and flexible for organizations and individuals, we developed the first crowdfunding platform that supports LRD/USD. It will integrate with other types of payment services including USSD, Mobile Money and Credit Card.

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